We offer a comprehensive repair service: Anything from a faulty bulb or blown fuse to a timing belt replacement or a complete engine rebuild.
Trust us to repair it properly and at a very fair price. A satisfied customer is a returning customer who will also hopefully recommend us to their friends and family.

We will fully explain the work we have carried out: We will explain in easy to understand language why a part needs replacing and if you want we will show you the new part on the vehicle and the old part we have removed.

We believe in total transparency: We will provide a full and detailed explanation of the work we have carried out on your vehicle.

We do welding repairs too: Welding repairs can be very expensive.. Quite often its not cost effective to repair a rusty sill or chassis, especially on older vehicles, so many mechanically sound cars that need a welding repair end up in car heaven. Check out our prices and let us advise you before you decide to commit your car to the great motorway in the sky.