MOT: Class 4 & Class 7

Beware of rogue testing stations: At less-than-reputable workshops, a common trick is to fail your car on its MOT when in truth your car meets all necessary environmental and road safety standards. A failed MOT is an easy money-spinner for dodgy garages that need to generate work and its not unheard of for cars to fail an MOT at one garage only to pass with flying colours after resubmitting the car at another.
These workshops rely on the fact that most people don't know anything about the workings of their vehicle so they are not in a position to question the mechanics decision. This practice is not only unethical, it is illegal.

You can trust Revs Motors: Honesty and transparency are the key to earning your trust. We will never tell you your vehicle needs work when in actual fact it does not. If it does genuinely need a part or any work done we will explain in plain English (or Welsh) why the part has failed the test and even show you the faulty part on the vehicle.

We will also send you a reminder: Call us with your vehicle details and due date or contact us using the email form on our contact page and we will send you a reminder a few weeks before your MOT is due.