Aftermarket Extras

Parking Sensors. An essential accessory for todays motorist: These days parking spaces seem smaller because the average car is now longer, wider and taller than ever before. The once simple act of parking has become the bane of the modern motorists life.

With the increasing cost of cosmetic repairs the last thing you need is to scuff or dent/crack your bumper, or damage someone else's car. We can fit quality parking sensors that we trust to give reliable performance and a long service life. In addition we personally colour code them using your vehicle paint code to obtain an exact match.

A Tow Bar is a useful extra for many people: And not necessarily for towing a caravan. Many people rely on a small trailer to carry building materials or to take unwanted items to the local recycling facility.
Many people have access to the loan of a small trailer, but its another matter borrowing a car to tow it. Driving someone else's car on your insurance usually only covers you for third party liability for a start.

Having a tow bar or parking sensors fitted need not be as expensive as you think: We offer a very competitive fitting service and we always use certified top quality components.