A noisy leaking exhaust is not only bad for the environment: A leaking exhaust is also dangerous. An exhaust system leak can be very dangerous because it provides a direct path for carbon monoxide to enter the passenger compartment through the cowl vent at the base of the windshield.
This colorless and odorless carbon monoxide gas can be lethal, especially if the windows are rolled up and the deadly gas finds its way inside the passenger compartment.

A leaking exhaust is also bad for your pocket: It causes poor fuel economy and loss of power. This is especially bad if the leak is before one of the O2 sensors fitted to modern exhaust systems. O2 sensors play an important part in adjusting the fuel mixture settings for improved fuel economy.

Dont leave it to chance: You may have occasionally come across a car at the side of the road with the exhaust hanging down on the ground below. It happens more often than you may think. Roadside recovery can be expensive. Even if you are a member of a road recovery organisation it may still cost you your no claim discount when you next renew your membership. Dont let this happen to you. You may be on your way to an important appointment when it fails.

If you have any doubts about the integrity of your exhaust system, call in so we can check it for you.